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Model Number: Y302

Back Support Belt with Heat/ Ice Pack

Size: Custom Sizes Available
Color: Black
Material: Polyester, Neoprene


High-Quality OK FabricMade from premium OK fabric for enhanced comfort and durability.
Strong Velcro AdjustmentFeatures ultra-strong Velcro for adjustable and secure fitting.
Five-Line Flat SewingConstructed with five-line flat sewing for superior durability and strength.
Detachable Therapy BeltIncludes a detachable therapy belt for hot and cold therapy.


What is the AOFIT Ice Pack Waist Support (Y302) used for?The wrap is used for waist support and pain relief through hot and cold therapy.
Can I customize the size of the wrap?Yes, custom sizes are available to fit individual needs.
How do I use the hot/cold therapy pack?The therapy belt is detachable and can be used for both hot and cold therapy. Easily insert and remove it as needed.
Is the wrap easy to wear?Yes, the wrap is designed for easy wear and application, with adjustable wrap-around straps for a secure and comfortable fit.
What materials is the wrap made of?The wrap is made of durable polyester and neoprene, ensuring long-lasting comfort and support.
Where can I purchase the AOFIT Ice Pack Waist Support (Y302)?You can purchase the wrap from the AOFIT Official Website.

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