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Model Number: SM207

Back Brace with Webbing and Graphene Heating


WebbingProvides additional structural support to the back brace.Enhances the stability and durability of the brace, ensuring long-lasting performance.
Edge CoverReinforced edge cover for added durability and comfort.Prevents fraying and increases the lifespan of the brace while providing a comfortable fit.
Elastic BandIntegrated elastic band for adjustable compression.Allows for customizable support and improved fit, enhancing comfort and effectiveness.
Fastening ClothHigh-quality fastening cloth for secure closure.Ensures the brace stays securely in place during use, providing consistent support.
Dual Color Mesh ClothBreathable dual color mesh cloth for ventilation.Keeps the back cool and dry, preventing sweat buildup and skin irritation.
Graphene Heating SheetAdvanced graphene heating sheet with support plate.Provides soothing heat therapy to relieve muscle tension and enhance blood circulation, promoting pain relief and comfort.

Wearing Tips

To maximize the benefits of your upgraded heated back brace, follow these simple steps:

Adjust the Elastic Band: Before wearing the back brace, adjust the elastic band to fit your body comfortably. Ensure that the tension is right for your specific needs.

Position the Brace: Place the brace around your waist, ensuring that the webbing and support plate are aligned correctly to provide the necessary support and heat therapy.

Secure the Fastening Cloth: Fasten the cloth to ensure the brace stays securely in place. The brace should provide firm support without restricting your movement.

Adjust the Heat Settings: Use the controller to select your preferred heat setting on the graphene heating sheet. The ergonomic design of the controller makes it easy to adjust the temperature for optimal comfort.

Check for Comfort: Make sure the brace does not dig into your skin or cause any discomfort. The fit should be comfortable enough for all-day wear.

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