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Model Number: WHY0062

Physiotherapy Back Support

Color: Blue and Support Customization
Size: One Size Fits All
Material: Nylon Lycra
Weight: 0.170 KG
Style: Home Therapy
Type: EMS Massage
Massage Intensity: 9 Levels Adjusted
Hot Compress Temperature: 5 Temperature Control
Applicable Parts: Waist and Abdomen

Product Overview

Introducing AOFIT's cutting-edge physiotherapy back support – a holistic solution meticulously crafted to elevate your well-being. Precision meets innovation in this comprehensive and tailored physiotherapy experience.

Advanced Design and Comfort:

Immerse yourself in the sleek Blue color and a one-size-fits-all design, ensuring a stylish and comfortable fit for diverse body types. The skin-friendly Nylon Lycra material, with a slim 3-millimeter profile, provides a snug and inconspicuous wearing experience. The magnetic buckle design allows for seamless attachment and detachment of the controller, enhancing convenience.

Physiotherapy Back SupportPhysiotherapy Back Support

Innovative Control and Power:

Navigate effortlessly with the large display controller, offering intuitive control for a user-friendly experience. The controller, powered by a detachable magnetic battery, ensures uninterrupted use. The USB charging port facilitates on-the-go power replenishment, and an additional extended belt is included for effortless size adjustment.

Versatile Massage Modes:

AOFIT's physiotherapy back support offers six adjustable modes of mid-to-low-frequency pulse massage, delivering personalized relief. Targeting nerve endings, the pulse stimulation blocks pain signals to the brain and mimics biological signals, aiding in natural muscle contraction and alleviating lower back pain.

Physiotherapy Back SupportPhysiotherapy Back Support

Targeted Muscle Massage:

Divided into four pulse zones, the back support achieves extensive coverage, targeting specific muscle patterns. This design promotes active muscle contraction, providing swift relief from lower back soreness and swelling.

Effective EMS Microcurrent and Heat Therapy:

Experience even distribution of EMS microcurrent for potent penetration, promoting autonomous contraction and relaxation of the lower back muscles. Additionally, enjoy extensive heating coverage for quick warming of the lower back and abdomen. Fast and constant temperature heating ensures comfort and relieves fatigue in the lower back area.

Physiotherapy Back SupportPhysiotherapy Back Support

Smart Features for Enhanced Experience:

AOFIT's physiotherapy back support transcends the ordinary with smart features. Enjoy a voice reporting function for control and status updates, enhancing your overall user experience. The intelligent 30-minute timer ensures an automated and efficient therapy session.

Invest in the future of physiotherapy with AOFIT's physiotherapy back support. Order now for a stylish, comfortable, and effective solution tailored to your individual needs, promoting a healthier and more supported lifestyle.

Manufacturing Production Capacity

Unrivaled Manufacturing Excellence:

At AOFIT, we pride ourselves on continual improvement and growth. Our brand factory has evolved significantly, now boasting over a thousand skilled technicians and employing state-of-the-art technology. With hundreds of cutting-edge machines and a sprawling factory space exceeding tens of thousands of square meters, we have redefined our production capabilities.

Physiotherapy Back SupportPhysiotherapy Back Support

Comprehensive Production Infrastructure:

Our factory features a complete production pipeline, ensuring efficiency and precision at every stage. From design inception to the final product, AOFIT's comprehensive infrastructure guarantees a seamless and high-quality manufacturing process.

Strength in Numbers:

Our expanded team of over a thousand technical experts and craftsmen is a testament to AOFIT's commitment to delivering excellence. Each product is meticulously crafted by skilled hands, and our investment in human capital has reinforced our position as a leading manufacturer in the industry.

Physiotherapy Back SupportPhysiotherapy Back Support

Industry-Leading Certification:

AOFIT continues to exceed industry standards, with our products successfully passing rigorous qualification certifications. Our commitment to quality is unwavering, providing you with the assurance that AOFIT's products are designed to address and alleviate physical discomfort effectively.

Customization Beyond Boundaries:

Experience the power of choice with AOFIT's ODM and OEM services. Our expansive customization options allow us to tailor products precisely to your unique needs and preferences. Your satisfaction remains at the forefront of our priorities, and our commitment to flexibility ensures a personalized solution for every requirement.

Physiotherapy Back SupportPhysiotherapy Back Support

Elevating Your Well-Being:

The AOFIT advantage extends beyond manufacturing prowess – it's about empowering you to overcome physical discomfort. Our products are crafted with precision, driven by innovation, and endorsed by the strength of our expanded workforce and cutting-edge technology.

Physiotherapy Back SupportPhysiotherapy Back Support

If you are intrigued by our evolved capabilities or have bespoke ideas for customization, reach out to us today. The AOFIT team, now more robust and versatile than ever, is poised to turn your concepts into reality. Embrace the AOFIT experience – where advanced technology meets a commitment to your well-being. Contact us today for a partnership that transcends expectations and delivers solutions for a more comfortable and healthier lifestyle.

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