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Model Number: WHY0063

Heating Vibration Therapy Back Brace

Color: Navy Blue
Size: One Size Fit
Material: Nylon Lycra
Style: Home Therapy
Type: EMS Massage + Hot Compress
Applicable Parts: Lower Back and Abdomen



01. Superior Heating Elements for Enhanced Comfort

The OEM Heating Vibration Therapy Back Brace is equipped with upgraded fiber heating elements that cover the abdomen and waist. Unlike ordinary battery heating pads, this back brace boasts superior heating capabilities. It's not just about warmth; it's a comprehensive solution with massage and heat treatment effects, providing simultaneous comfort to the abdomen and waist. Perfect for women experiencing menstrual cramps, the added warmth becomes a soothing ally during challenging times.

02. Safety and Efficiency

With heat settings and three massage modes, users can easily adjust the temperature and enjoy a personalized massage experience. The batteries boast a remarkable life of up to 8 hours in low gear when fully charged, providing the freedom to use the heating pad anytime, anywhere.

03. Excellent Warmth for Versatile Use

The heating vibration therapy back brace is not limited to indoor use; it's an ideal companion for various winter outdoor activities. Whether you're driving, riding, fishing, walking dogs, running, or engaging in outdoor work, this back brace offers exceptional warmth and durability. The portable design ensures that users can experience comfort in the waist, shoulder, abdomen, knee, spine, and other areas. Office workers and long-distance drivers, in particular, will find relief from waist and lumbar muscle strain, making it an essential accessory for those with active lifestyles.

04. Extra-Large Heating Pad with Adjustable Straps

Versatility meets customization with the extra-large heating pad and double-layer adjustable straps. Suitable for waists ranging from 19 inches to 52 inches, the adjustable waist pad ensures a perfect fit for everyone. The durability of the heat belt is noteworthy – it remains resilient even when folded and stretched multiple times. This ensures that users can enjoy the benefits of the back brace without compromising on longevity.

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Can the back brace be used for menstrual cramps?

Absolutely, the back brace with its superior heating elements is perfect for women experiencing menstrual cramps, offering soothing warmth.

Is the heating pad suitable for various outdoor activities in winter?

Yes, the back brace is designed for versatile use, making it ideal for winter outdoor activities such as driving, riding, fishing, and more.

What areas of the body can the heating pad be applied to?

The portable design allows the heating pad to be used on the waist, shoulder, abdomen, knee, spine, and other areas for targeted relief.

Can the back brace be adjusted for different waist sizes?

Certainly, the extra-large heating pad comes with double-layer adjustable straps, accommodating waists ranging from 19 inches to 52 inches for a customized fit.

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