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AOFIT B2B USA| Braces, Supports, Compression Sleeves

Shoulder Brace: Stability and Injury Prevention

The AOFIT  Shoulder Brace redefines athletic support, providing enhanced stability and injury prevention for shoulders. Crafted with advanced materials, this brace offers crucial support to the shoulder joint, reducing the risk of strains and injuries during various sports activities.

Neck Brace: Support and Strain Reduction

For those dealing with neck strain or seeking additional support during physical exertion, the Neck Brace steps in. This brace delivers targeted support to the neck, reducing strain and promoting proper alignment during movements.

Wrist Brace: Flexibility and Sprain Prevention

The AOFIT-OEM/ODM Wrist Brace strikes a balance between flexibility and support. Athletes can enjoy a full range of motion while ensuring wrist stability and protection against sprains. Particularly beneficial for activities involving repetitive wrist movements.

Back Brace: Posture Promotion and Lumbar Issue Prevention

The Back Brace is engineered to promote healthy posture and prevent lumbar issues. Whether weightlifting, running, or engaging in physical activities, this back brace provides essential support to the lower back, reducing injury risks and enhancing overall performance.