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Model Number: Y217

Workout Lumbar Corset with Adjustable Pulley System


Adjustable Dual Pulley System

Offers tailored compression and stabilization, significantly reducing spinal pressure and enhancing comfort during physical activities.


Anatomical Design

Contours perfectly with your spine, ensuring targeted support from the lower thoracic to the sacral regions, optimizing posture and alignment.


Breathable Materials

Crafted from materials that wick moisture and absorb odors, ideal for maintaining comfort during extensive workouts or daily routines.


Ease of Adjustment

The unique pulley system allows for effortless tightening and fitting adjustments, making it simple to wear and modify even on-the-go.


Lightweight Construction

Despite its robust support features, the corset is lightweight and low-profile, ensuring it can be worn discreetly under clothing without bulk.


Is the Workout Lumbar Corset suitable for all body types?

Yes, our corset is designed to be adjustable, providing a customizable fit for a wide range of body types.

How does the Adjustable Pulley System work?

The Adjustable Pulley System allows you to control the level of compression and support by simply adjusting the pulleys to your desired tension.

Can I wear the corset during various types of workouts?

Absolutely! Our corset is versatile and suitable for various workouts, including weightlifting, running, yoga, and more.

Is the corset breathable for long-duration wear?

Yes, the corset is crafted from breathable materials to ensure comfort during extended wear, keeping you cool and dry throughout your workout sessions.

How do I clean and maintain the corset?

We recommend hand washing the corset with mild detergent and allowing it to air dry to maintain its quality and durability.

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