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Model Number: Y218

Neoprene Back Support

Color: Pink, Purple, Black
Material: Neoprene
Size: XS-XXL
Logo: Customized Logo Available
Certification: Ce/BV/ISO9001/ISO13485
Usage: Bodybuilding Fitness

Product Overview

Discover the perfect workout companion with AOFIT's neoprene back support, tailored for every fitness enthusiast. This specially designed back support combines the benefits of shrinkable and insulated neoprene material, ensuring both comfort and effective body sculpting during sports activities.

Key Features:

Customizable Design:

AOFIT's neoprene back support is more than just functional; it's a style statement. Choose from a variety of customizable model colors to match your taste. Should you desire modifications for a perfect fit, our dedicated designers are ready to consider and implement your ideas.

Enhanced Sweat Management:

Experience the significant sweat-absorbing effect of our neoprene material. Ideal for intense physical exercise, it not only keeps your body dry but also accelerates sweat discharge, promoting a toning effect. AOFIT recognizes the importance of both performance and aesthetics in your fitness journey.

Neoprene Back SupportNeoprene Back Support

External Movement Power:

While our neoprene back support enhances your workout experience, it's essential to note that achieving your dream figure requires dedication to external movement. Consider our back support as a reliable ally in your fitness journey, providing the necessary support for effective results.

Durability for Active Lifestyles:

Neoprene, chosen for its durability, makes AOFIT's back support an optimal choice for sports. Designed to withstand the demands of active lifestyles, it ensures longevity and consistent performance, making it a reliable investment in your fitness gear collection.

Neoprene Back SupportNeoprene Back Support

Variety in Sports Waist Protection Series:

AOFIT's neoprene sports waist protection extends beyond a single product. Explore our diverse sports waist protection collection, featuring different appearances and functionalities. Each product is uniquely designed to cater to specific needs, inviting you to explore the range for a personalized fitness experience.

Elevate your fitness routine with AOFIT's neoprene back support – the fusion of style, functionality, and durability. Embrace the journey towards a healthier, more sculpted you, one workout at a time.

Manufacturing Production Capacity

Delving deeper into AOFIT's production capabilities and customization options, we take pride in our versatile approach, offering both ODM and OEM services. This distinction means that our brand not only aids partners in processing products but also produces tailor-made solutions for our users. Our dynamic design team consistently innovates, addressing not only health concerns during sports but also serving as a valuable resource for physical therapy and overall wellness.

Neoprene Back SupportNeoprene Back Support

When it comes to customization, AOFIT puts you in control. You have the flexibility to choose basic parameters such as color, material, size, logo, and more, ensuring that the final product aligns perfectly with your preferences and needs.

With 14 years of manufacturing experience, AOFIT remains committed to researching new technologies, and elevating our back support offerings for global users. Positioned as an emerging leader in the market, we envision AOFIT becoming a ubiquitous presence, with our high-quality back support available in even more locations. You can anticipate firsthand experiences with AOFIT's innovative products.

The enduring success of AOFIT is grounded in our unwavering commitment to our original purpose and steadfast beliefs. At AOFIT, the user is always at the forefront of our service. We approach each product from the user's perspective, ensuring that every step in the production process undergoes scrutiny from multiple individuals. This meticulous approach guarantees that every product emerging from the AOFIT assembly line boasts an impeccable record with no recalls.

Neoprene Back SupportNeoprene Back Support

In recent years, AOFIT's growth has been unstoppable, marked by continuous expansion in scale and equipment. Several well-known brands entrust AOFIT to produce and design exclusive products, garnering global success. Rest assured, our commitment to professionalism and the efficiency of our assembly line surpasses expectations, ensuring timely deliveries that you can rely on without hesitation.

AOFIT's journey is fueled by dedication, innovation, and an unyielding commitment to user satisfaction. Join us in experiencing the unparalleled quality and reliability that define AOFIT's back support solutions.

Payment and Packaging


T/T, L/C, Western Union, MoneyGram, Paypal, and So On.

If you have any questions or concerns about our payment options or any other aspect of our products or services, please don't hesitate to contact us. We are always happy to assist you in any way we can.

Packaging Details: 

1. Poly Bag and Customized Insert Card, Color Paper Box

2. Custom Logo is Accepted

3. Single Package Size: 5 x 5 x 1 CM

4. Single Gross Weight: 0.500 KG

Contact the supplier to negotiate shipping details.


1. What distinguishes AOFIT's neoprene back support from others in the market?

AOFIT's neoprene back support is designed for sports enthusiasts, combining comfort and effectiveness. The use of shrinkable and insulated neoprene material sets it apart, ensuring optimal support and figure enhancement during physical activities.

2. How can neoprene material benefit my workout experience?

Neoprene, commonly used in wetsuits, possesses moisture-wicking properties that efficiently absorb and drain sweat during intense exercises. This ensures a dry and comfortable experience, contributing to the toning effect.

3. Can I customize the neoprene back support to suit my preferences?

Absolutely! AOFIT offers customization options, allowing you to choose parameters such as color, material, size, and logo. Our design team is dedicated to accommodating your specific needs for a personalized experience.

4. What other products are available in AOFIT's Neoprene Sports Waist Protection series?

AOFIT offers a diverse collection within the Neoprene Sports Waist Protection series, featuring various appearances and functionalities. Explore our range to find the perfect solution tailored to your requirements.

5. How does AOFIT ensure the durability of its neoprene back support for active lifestyles?

Neoprene is chosen for its durability, making it an optimal choice for sports. AOFIT's commitment to quality ensures that the neoprene back support withstands the demands of frequent use, providing consistent support over time.

6. Can I trust AOFIT's timely delivery for bulk orders?

Absolutely! AOFIT's B2B factory, equipped with extensive production capabilities, ensures efficient handling of bulk orders. You can rely on our professionalism and streamlined assembly line for prompt and reliable deliveries.

7. What sets AOFIT apart as a brand with 14 years of manufacturing experience?

AOFIT's 14 years of manufacturing experience demonstrate our commitment to quality and innovation. Our dedication to user satisfaction, continuous research in new technologies, and global success in producing exclusive products for well-known brands set us apart as a trusted leader in the industry.

8. Why should I choose AOFIT's neoprene back support for my fitness journey?

AOFIT's neoprene back support is more than a product; it's a reliable companion designed to enhance your fitness journey. With a focus on user satisfaction, customization options, and cutting-edge materials, AOFIT ensures you experience unparalleled support, comfort, and style in every workout.

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