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Model Number: HW052

Wrist Compression Strap and Wrist Brace


Adjustable CompressionCustomizable straps provide the perfect amount of compression to support the wrist.
Breathable MaterialsHigh-quality fabrics keep the skin cool and dry, ensuring comfort during prolonged use.
Flexible SupportProvides stability without restricting movement, allowing for a wide range of activities.
Pain ReliefHelps alleviate pain from conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, and tendonitis.
Injury PreventionReduces the risk of injuries during sports and repetitive tasks by stabilizing the wrist joint.
Unisex DesignSuitable for both men and women, offering a modern and discreet appearance.


What makes AOFIT wrist supports different from other brands?AOFIT wrist supports are made from high-quality, breathable materials with adjustable compression for a comfortable and effective fit.
Can I wear AOFIT wrist supports all day?Yes, AOFIT wrist supports are designed for extended wear. Adjust the compression to a comfortable level and take breaks if needed.
Are AOFIT wrist supports suitable for both men and women?Yes, AOFIT wrist supports feature a unisex design, suitable for all body types.
How do I choose the right size for my wrist?Measure around your wrist and refer to the sizing chart to find the perfect fit. Choose a size that ensures comfortable compression.
Can AOFIT wrist supports help with carpal tunnel syndrome?Yes, AOFIT wrist supports provide compression and stabilization, which can help relieve symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome.
Where can I purchase AOFIT Wrist Compression Straps and Wrist Braces?AOFIT wrist supports are available through AOFIT’s official website and authorized retailers.

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