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Model Number: HW050

Reversible Thumb and Wrist Stabilizer Splint

Reversible Thumb and Wrist Stabilizer Splint


Reversible DesignCan be worn on either the left or right hand.Versatility and convenience for users.
Adjustable StrapsVelcro or hook-and-loop straps for customized fit.Ensures a snug fit and adequate support.
Breathable MaterialLightweight and breathable fabrics such as neoprene or mesh.Comfort during extended wear, reduced sweating.
Rigid Support BarsIntegrated metal or plastic bars to stabilize the thumb and wrist.Provides firm support, restricts painful movements.
Thumb SpicaSplint design that immobilizes the thumb.Effective in treating thumb injuries and conditions.
Universal FitOne-size-fits-most design with adjustable features.Easy to use and share between users.


How long should I wear a thumb and wrist stabilizer splint each day?It's recommended to wear the splint during activities that strain the thumb and wrist, and not continuously. Consult a healthcare provider for personalized advice.
Can I sleep with a thumb and wrist stabilizer splint on?It's generally not recommended to sleep with a splint on, as it may restrict blood flow or cause discomfort.
Is it safe to use a splint during exercise?Yes, using a splint during exercise can help stabilize the joint and prevent injury. Ensure it fits properly and does not restrict movement.
How do I clean and maintain my splint?Follow the specific care instructions provided by the manufacturer, usually involving gentle hand washing and air drying.
Can a splint help with conditions like arthritis?Yes, a splint can provide relief from arthritis pain by reducing strain and offering compression. However, it should be part of a comprehensive treatment plan.

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