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Model Number: S006

SI Joint Support Brace

Color: Black, Blue
Size: One Size Fits
Material: Spandex & Nylon
Applicable People: Adult
Function: Support, Gym & Body Exercise
Protection Class: Basic Protection
Product Name: Slimming Waist Belt
Type: Waist Belt


01. Advanced Compression Technology
Our brace uses a dual-pulley system to deliver targeted compression directly to the sacroiliac and lower back area. This technology multiplies your natural force, allowing for precise adjustment of compression levels with minimal effort, promoting effective pain relief and muscle support.


02. Customizable Fit for All
Enjoy a one-size-fits-all design that accommodates hip circumferences from 32 inches to 50 inches. The belt's adjustable nature ensures a perfect fit for a broad range of body types, providing personalized comfort and support.


03. Durable, Lightweight Construction
Crafted with high-quality, breathable materials, the AOFIT SI Joint Support Brace ensures durability and comfort. The lightweight design allows for all-day wear, whether you're at home, at work, or engaging in physical activities.


04. Enhanced Mobility
Support your hips and lower back without restricting movement. Our brace is designed to stabilize your core while allowing flexibility, making it ideal for active users and those recovering from injuries.


05. Discreet and Comfortable
Wear your brace under or over clothing with confidence. Its slim profile is discreet enough for everyday use, providing you with continuous support without drawing attention.


How often should I wear the AOFIT SI Joint Support Brace?
For best results, wear the brace during activities that trigger pain or discomfort. It can be worn all day if needed, but it's recommended to remove it during prolonged periods of rest or sleep to maintain skin health and comfort.

Can the brace be worn during exercise?
Yes, the brace is designed to support and stabilize the SI joint during physical activity. However, start with light exercises and gradually increase intensity as comfort allows.

Is the AOFIT SI Joint Support Brace suitable for pregnant women?
Yes, the brace can provide additional support for the pelvic area during pregnancy. However, it's essential to consult with a healthcare provider before starting any new treatment during pregnancy.

How do I clean the brace?
The brace should be hand washed with mild soap in cool water and air dried. Avoid high temperatures, as they can damage the fabric and compression elements.

What if the brace doesn't fit properly or I'm not satisfied with it?
AOFIT offers a satisfaction guarantee. If the brace doesn't fit or doesn't meet your expectations, contact customer service for a replacement or refund.

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