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Model Number: S004

SI Joint Support Brace for Women

Color: Nude
Size: 12-100 CM or Custom
Material: Neoprene Nylon
Logo: Customized Logo
Usage: Daily Life + Sports
Protection Class: Basic Protection
Function: Sacroiliac Hip Pelvis Guard Strap
Application: Postpartum Working Sports Protective


Targeted Compression

Our SI Joint Support Brace offers concentrated compression directly to the sacroiliac joint and surrounding areas. This targeted approach helps to significantly reduce pain and inflammation by restricting excessive movement that can further irritate the joint. By doing so, it facilitates quicker recovery and aids in maintaining an active lifestyle without discomfort.


Adjustable Fit

With its versatile strap design, this brace can be easily adjusted to fit a wide range of body types securely. The adjustable feature ensures that each user can find their optimal level of support and compression, which is crucial for effective pain relief and joint stabilization. This customization enhances the brace's effectiveness in managing SI joint dysfunctions.


High-Quality Materials

Constructed from a blend of premium materials, the brace is both durable and lightweight, offering exceptional comfort and longevity. The fabrics are specially chosen for their breathability and flexibility, ensuring that the brace remains comfortable for prolonged periods of wear. This combination of quality materials helps to prevent skin irritation and keeps the wearer cool and dry throughout the day.


Ergonomic Design

Designed with an understanding of female anatomy, the brace fits seamlessly and provides substantial support without hindering mobility. Its ergonomic design ensures that it complements the natural movements of the body, making it ideal for everyday use. Wearers can perform daily tasks, including moderate exercise, without feeling constricted or uncomfortable.


Discreet and Sleek

The design of the brace is sleek and minimalistic, allowing it to be worn under clothing without drawing attention. Its discreet nature is perfect for those who prefer a low-profile support solution. Despite its slim design, the brace does not compromise on the level of support provided, making it a favored choice for continuous wear.


Who can benefit from using the SI Joint Support Brace?

This brace is ideal for women experiencing SI joint dysfunction, pelvic pain, or those recovering from injury. It’s also beneficial for athletes and individuals who engage in activities that put stress on the lower back.

How does the brace help alleviate pain?

The brace provides targeted compression to stabilize the SI joint, which can reduce pain and swelling by limiting the movement that exacerbates the condition.

Can the brace be worn during physical activities?

Yes, the lightweight and flexible design of the brace makes it suitable for light to moderate activities, providing support without restricting mobility.

How should the brace be cared for?

We recommend washing it in cold water with similar colors and air drying to maintain the integrity of the materials.

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