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Model Number: HX038

Patella Stabilizer Patella Tendon Knee Strap


Adjustable StrapAllows customization of tightness and fit around the patella tendon.Ensures a snug fit and optimal compression.
High-Quality Neoprene or Elastic MaterialDurable, breathable fabric that provides comfort and flexibility.Long-lasting use, comfort during extended wear.
Compression PadBuilt-in pad that applies pressure to the patella tendon.Reduces strain, distributes pressure evenly.
Ergonomic DesignContoured to fit the natural shape of the knee.Better fit, increased comfort and effectiveness.
Velcro or Hook-and-Loop ClosureEasy to adjust and secure, ensuring the strap stays in place.Prevents slipping during activities.
Lightweight and Low ProfileSlim design that can be worn under clothing.Discreet use, does not restrict movement.


How long should I wear a patella tendon knee strap each day?It's recommended to wear the strap during activities that strain the knee, and not continuously. Consult a healthcare provider for personalized advice.
Can I sleep with a patella tendon knee strap on?It's generally not recommended to sleep with a knee strap on, as it may restrict blood flow or cause discomfort.
Is it safe to use a knee strap during exercise?Yes, using a knee strap during exercise can help stabilize the joint and prevent injury. Ensure it fits properly and does not restrict movement.
How do I clean and maintain my knee strap?Follow the specific care instructions provided by the manufacturer, usually involving gentle hand washing and air drying.
Can a knee strap help with conditions like arthritis?Yes, a knee strap can provide relief from arthritis pain by reducing strain and offering compression. However, it should be part of a comprehensive treatment plan.

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