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Model Number: Y020

Lumbar Brace and Back Support Belt


Adjustable and FlexibleEasily adjustable straps provide a customized fit while allowing a wide range of motion.
Breathable PanelsKeeps you fresh and comfortable, even during extended wear, by providing firm yet breathable support.
Stabilization BarsFlexible stabilization bars help maintain proper posture and provide additional support.
Two Adjustable ClosuresDual closures ensure a secure, customized fit for all-day comfort.
High-Quality NeopreneDurable and flexible material ensures long-lasting use and effective compression.
Unisex DesignDesigned to fit a wide range of body types, suitable for both men and women.


What makes the AOFIT brace different from other back braces?The AOFIT brace stands out due to its high-quality neoprene material, adjustable compression, and breathable design, making it both effective and comfortable.
Can I wear the AOFIT brace all day?Yes, the AOFIT brace is designed for extended wear. Adjust the compression to a comfortable level and take breaks if needed.
Is the AOFIT brace suitable for both men and women?Yes, the AOFIT brace features a unisex design, suitable for all body types.
How do I know if the AOFIT brace is the right size for me?Measure around your belly button area for the best fit. Refer to the sizing chart and choose the next size up if you're at the top of a measurement range.
Can the AOFIT brace help with chronic back pain?Yes, the AOFIT brace provides support and relief for chronic back pain by stabilizing the lower back and promoting better posture.
Where can I purchase the AOFIT Lower Back Support Brace?The AOFIT brace is available through AOFIT’s official website and authorized retailers.

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