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Model Number: WHW0078

Elastic Bandage for Wrist

Size: 5CM /7.5CM /10CM x 4.5M
Color: Beige
Material: 70% Polyester; 30% Rubber
Quality Certification: CE/ISO/TUV/SGS


Elastic Bandage for Wrist

01. Washable and Reusable for Long-Term Use

One of the key advantages of Elastic Bandages is their washable and reusable design. Made with top-quality synthetic fabric, these bandages offer durable elasticity, allowing them to provide consistent compression and support over multiple uses. The included clips ensure a secure fit and superior comfort compared to traditional closure wraps.

02. Elastic Support for Pain Relief

Elastic Bandages provide targeted compression, allowing you to apply pressure where you need it the most. Whether you're treating muscle sprains, tension, swelling, or strains, these bandages help reduce blood flow to the affected area, aiding in pain relief and promoting healing by reducing inflammation and swelling.

03. A Must-Have for Every First Aid Kit

Including Elastic Bandages in your first aid kit is essential for total peace of mind. With a pack that includes a set of 3 compression bandages, you'll always be prepared to address various injuries and emergencies. Whether you're an athletic trainer, embarking on hiking/camping trips, or simply stocking up your home first aid kit, these bandages are a must-have for everyone.


Are Elastic Bandages suitable for treating sprains and strains?

Yes, Elastic Bandages are highly effective in treating sprains, strains, and other muscle injuries by providing targeted compression and support.

Can Elastic Bandages be used for multiple applications?

Absolutely! These bandages are washable and reusable, making them suitable for multiple uses and ensuring excellent value for money.

How do I ensure a proper fit with Elastic Bandages?

To ensure a proper fit, securely fasten the bandage with the included hooks, ensuring a snug but comfortable compression around the affected area.

Can Elastic Bandages be used for other types of injuries?

Yes, Elastic Bandages are versatile and can be used to treat various injuries, including bruises, swelling, and joint pain.

Are Elastic Bandages suitable for both professional and personal use?

Yes, Elastic Bandages are suitable for both professional medical settings and personal first aid kits, catering to the needs of athletes, outdoor enthusiasts, and medical professionals alike.

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