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Model Number: HH302

Ankle Brace for Hot or Cold Therapy


Ankle Brace for Hot or Cold Therapy

01. Therapeutic Versatility
Features dual compartments for hot and cold therapy, allowing for flexible treatment options. The gel packs are engineered for rapid temperature change and can maintain therapeutic temperatures for extended periods, ideal for back-to-back patient appointments.


02. Premium, Medical-Grade Materials
Constructed from durable, medical-grade neoprene and non-toxic gel packs, the brace ensures safety and longevity under rigorous use. Suitable for frequent cleaning and reuse, it meets the hygiene standards required for medical devices.


03. Precision Fit Technology
Incorporates an advanced strapping system with micro-adjustability that provides a custom fit for a wide range of ankle sizes. This feature ensures optimal compression and contact with the ankle for effective therapy delivery.


04. Enhanced Patient Compliance
Designed for ease of use with a simple slip-on mechanism and a secure fastening system that patients can adjust without assistance. The ergonomic design enhances compliance with prescribed treatment regimens.


How do we manage inventory for different sizes?
The Ankle Brace comes in adjustable sizes with additional extension straps, making it suitable for a broad demographic, thereby reducing the need to stock multiple sizes.

What support do you offer for healthcare institutions?
We provide full product training, volume discounts, and dedicated customer service support to ensure that healthcare institutions can maximize the use of our products.

Can the brace be integrated into various therapeutic protocols?
Absolutely, our ankle brace is designed to complement a range of therapeutic protocols, from R.I.C.E. (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation) strategies to active rehabilitation exercises.

What is the warranty and service policy for this product?
The product comes with a two-year warranty covering any defects in materials or workmanship. We also offer a service program for any maintenance or issues encountered during use.

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