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Model Number: B004

Whole Back Brace for Posture

Color: Black
Size: S-XL
Applicable People: Universal
Customization: Customized Logo
Material: Mesh, 2 Supports
Service: ODM/OEM
Feature: Y Cross Fixation, Adjustable


01. Gentle Correction and Support

AOFIT's Whole Back Brace is specially crafted to provide gentle correction and support, helping realign the shoulders and improve posture visibly. By wearing our posture corrector regularly, you'll notice a significant difference in how you sit and stand, leading to improved overall posture and reduced strain on your body.

02. Relief from Computer Strain

In today's digital age, many of us spend hours hunched over computers, leading to rounded shoulders and slouching. AOFIT's Posture Corrector helps combat this issue by supporting proper alignment and reducing strain caused by prolonged computer use. Say goodbye to neck, shoulder, and back pain associated with poor posture and hello to increased comfort and productivity.

03. Dual Waist Straps for Stability

To ensure maximum stability and comfort, our posture corrector features dual waist straps along with a removable splint. The crisscross design of the waist straps provides additional support for the spine, helping relieve discomfort and promoting proper posture throughout the day.

04. Flexible and Slim Fit

Crafted from a soft elastic blend, AOFIT's Posture Corrector offers a comfortable and flexible fit that won't pinch or roll. The slim and lightweight design allows for easy concealment underneath your everyday clothing, so you can enjoy the benefits of improved posture discreetly and confidently.


How long should I wear the posture corrector each day? 

We recommend starting with 30 minutes to an hour per day and gradually increasing the wearing time as your body adjusts. However, listen to your body and adjust the wearing time accordingly.

Can I wear the posture corrector while exercising? 

While our posture corrector is designed for daily use, we recommend consulting with a healthcare professional before wearing it during strenuous exercise activities.

Is the posture corrector suitable for both men and women? 

Yes, AOFIT's Posture Corrector is suitable for both men and women. It comes in a universal size that can be adjusted to fit most body types comfortably.

How do I clean the posture corrector? 

To clean the posture corrector, hand wash it with mild soap and water, then air dry thoroughly before reusing. Avoid machine washing or drying, as it may damage the elastic material.

Can I wear the posture corrector while sleeping? 

We do not recommend wearing the posture corrector while sleeping, as it may restrict movement and cause discomfort. It's essential to allow your body to rest naturally during sleep.

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