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Model Number: B047

Brace to Straighten Posture

Color: Black
Sizes: S-L
Material: Nylon+Polyester+SBR
Weight: 0.24 kg (S)
Packing Quantity: 45 pieces (S)
Carton Size: 38cm x 39cm x 60cm
Applicable Gender: Unisex
Elasticity: Weak
Thickness: 3mm


01. Correcting Posture: Introducing the Brace to Straighten Posture

In the journey towards better posture and spinal health, discover the effectiveness of the Brace to Straighten Posture. This innovative device is meticulously designed to provide targeted support, alleviate discomfort, and promote a more upright stance. Let's explore its key features and benefits.


02. Targeted Support and Alignment

Experience targeted support and alignment with the Brace to Straighten Posture. Its specialized design focuses on the spine and shoulders, guiding them into proper alignment and reducing strain. By providing support where needed, this brace helps alleviate discomfort and promotes a more natural posture.


03. Adjustable Fit for Comfort

With its adjustable fit, the Brace to Straighten Posture ensures comfort and versatility for users of all sizes. Whether worn during daily activities or exercise, this brace adapts to your body's movements, providing support without restricting mobility. Enjoy improved posture with maximum comfort.


04. Lightweight and Discreet Design

Crafted from lightweight materials and featuring a discreet design, the Brace to Straighten Posture can be worn discreetly under clothing. Whether at work, home, or on the go, you can enjoy the benefits of improved posture without sacrificing style or comfort.


05. Embrace Better Posture

Invest in your posture and overall well-being with the Brace to Straighten Posture. Its innovative features, including targeted support, adjustable fit, and discreet design, make it the perfect solution for those seeking to improve their posture and alleviate discomfort. Say goodbye to slouching and hello to a more confident, upright you with the Brace to Straighten Posture.


How long should I wear the Brace to Straighten Posture each day?
Start with short sessions and gradually increase the duration as your body adjusts. Consistency is key, aiming for regular wear rather than long periods at once.


Can I wear the Brace to Straighten Posture under clothing?
Yes, the Brace to Straighten Posture features a discreet design that allows for seamless integration under clothing, enabling you to wear it throughout the day without drawing attention.


Will the Brace to Straighten Posture help with my back pain?
While the Brace to Straighten Posture is designed to promote better posture and alleviate strain on the back muscles, individual results may vary. Consult with a healthcare professional for personalized advice on managing back pain.


How do I clean and maintain the Brace to Straighten Posture?
Gently hand wash the Brace to Straighten Posture with mild detergent and lukewarm water, then air dry completely before wearing it again. Avoid using harsh chemicals or machine washing.


Can the Brace to Straighten Posture be adjusted for different body sizes?
Yes, the Brace to Straighten Posture features adjustable straps and a customizable design to accommodate various body shapes and sizes. Simply adjust the brace to your preference for optimal support and comfort.

Packaging and Shipping

Package Type:

Weight: 0.24 kg (S)

Packing Quantity: Each package contains 45 pieces (S)

Carton Size: 38cm x 39cm x 60cm

In addition to our standard packaging, we offer the option to customize your color box. With the ability to tailor the color box to your specifications, you can add a personalized touch to your order. Please note that customizing the color box requires your design, which will then be printed for you. Custom color box orders are available in quantities of 500pcs.

Shipping Options:

We understand that each customer has unique shipping needs, which is why we offer three shipping options to accommodate a variety of requirements:

Express Shipping: Ideal for urgent, time-sensitive deliveries and small-quantity orders, express shipping ensures swift delivery to your doorstep. We partner with trusted express shipping services such as China Post, EMS, DHL, FedEx, TNT, ARAMEX, and Air to ensure reliable and efficient delivery.

Sea Shipping: For regular mass production orders, sea shipping provides a cost-effective solution. Rest assured, our products are securely packed to safeguard against any damage during transportation, ensuring they arrive at their destination in pristine condition.

Air Shipping: When speed is of the essence, air shipping offers a swift solution for delivering goods from airport to airport. With our efficient air shipping services, you can count on timely delivery to meet your deadlines.

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