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Model Number: WSX0004-1

Belly Bandit C-Section

Color: Beige, Black
Size: M / L / XL / 2XL
Age Group: Adults
Material: Polyester, Spandex
Thickness: Standard
Weaving Method: Knitted
Logo: Accept Customized Logo


Comprehensive Support

The multi-support feature of the C-section recovery belt is a game-changer. With its three closures, it offers holistic support, enhancing flexibility and stretching ability. Moreover, two additional belts target specific areas needing support, allowing effective tightening of the postpartum belly. Featuring six layers of high-quality fabric, this belt ensures breathability, sweat-wicking, and a cool, dry wrap experience, essential for comfortable recovery.


Speed Up Recovery

Recovering from childbirth or surgery can be taxing, especially on the abdominal muscles. However, with the postpartum belly wrap, you bid farewell to a flabby stomach. This belt not only tightens the abdomen but also minimizes tension on the abdominal walls, preventing organ sagging. Additionally, it aids in shrinking the uterus post-birth. Its 3-dimensional cut enables free movement, facilitating posture recovery, whether from a C-section or natural birth.


Easy Adjustment

Adjustability is key when it comes to postpartum recovery garments. The postpartum belly belt offers precisely that with its three closures. This feature allows for easy adjustment of tightness, catering to individual body needs. Its stretchy yet supportive nature offers comfortable compression, coupled with super-strong adjustable Velcro adhesive for durability and reusability. Say goodbye to the hassles of traditional belly bands with this adjustable C-section recovery belt.


Superior Back Support & Posture

Back support is crucial during the recovery phase, especially after childbirth or surgery. The postpartum recovery belt is enhanced with five soft steel ribs, providing superior back support over a larger area compared to other abdominal binder belts on the market. It effectively alleviates pressure on the lumbar muscles, minimizing both back and waist pressure. Its back-curved design perfectly conforms to your body shape, facilitating the recovery of your spine and lower back muscles after birth.

Manufacturing Production Capacity

We can optimize our manufacturing processes and guarantee consistent quality in every product we create thanks to our factory's 150 automated and completely automated pieces of machinery. We can achieve high levels of production thanks to this automation, which helps us provide our clients with quick turnaround times. Do you need some postpartum belly bands? If you need, then to contact our team, we will be the first time to discuss further details with you.


Postpartum Waist Slimming Belly Belt

Postpartum Waist Slimming Belly Belt



Is the C-Section Recovery Belt suitable for all body types? 

Absolutely! The C-Section Recovery Belt is designed to accommodate diverse body shapes and sizes, ensuring optimal comfort and support for every new mother.


How long should I wear the C-Section Recovery Belt each day? 

It's recommended to wear the belt for a few hours each day initially and gradually increase the duration as your body adjusts. Consult with your healthcare provider for personalized guidance.


Can the C-Section Recovery Belt be worn during exercise? 

Yes, the belt's stretchy yet supportive design allows for comfortable wear during light exercise. However, it's advisable to consult with your healthcare provider before engaging in any postpartum exercise regimen.


Is the C-Section Recovery Belt breathable? 

Absolutely! Crafted with six layers of high-quality fabric, the belt ensures breathability, sweat-wicking, and a cool, dry wrap experience, even during extended wear.


Can the C-Section Recovery Belt be worn after a natural birth? 

Yes, the belt's versatile design caters to both C-section and natural birth recoveries, facilitating posture recovery and abdominal support regardless of the delivery method.


Is the C-Section Recovery Belt adjustable for different stages of postpartum recovery? Definitely! With three closures allowing for easy adjustment of tightness, the belt adapts to your changing needs throughout the postpartum journey, providing consistent support and comfort.

Detailed Images

Postpartum Waist Slimming Belly Belt

Postpartum Waist Slimming Belly Belt

Postpartum Waist Slimming Belly Belt

Postpartum Waist Slimming Belly Belt

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