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Model Number: HJ014

Ice Pack for Neck Shoulders


Increased Gel ContentFilled with 30% more gel than other ice packs.Provides longer-lasting cold therapy, ensuring extended relief from pain and inflammation.
Quick Freeze and Long DurationRequires only 1 hour in the freezer for up to 30 minutes of cold therapy.Offers immediate and sustained pain relief for muscles, sprains, tension, bruises, and more.
Better-fitting DesignExtra-long chest coverage and a perfect curve to the neck and shoulder.Ensures the ice pack stays in place, providing consistent and effective cold therapy without the hassle of readjustments.
Humanized Two-sided DesignDouble-sided fabric with plush and silky nylon surfaces.The plush side provides maximum comfort and prevents frostbite, while the nylon side delivers deeper cold penetration to affected areas.
Flexibility and Leak-proofFilled with professional-grade gel that remains pliable when frozen, with double-sealed edging.Conforms easily to the body, is convenient to store in the freezer, and is durable to prevent leaks and tears.
Even Gel DistributionHorizontal division of the gel pack.Ensures even distribution of the gel, preventing it from collecting at the bottom and maintaining steady, effective cold therapy over the entire surface.


How long should I freeze the ice pack?Freeze the ice pack for at least 1 hour before use.
How long does the cold therapy last?The ice pack provides up to 30 minutes of cold therapy.
Can I use the ice pack on other parts of my body?Yes, while designed for the neck and shoulders, it can be used on other areas requiring cold therapy.
Is the ice pack safe for sensitive skin?The plush side of the ice pack is designed to be gentle on sensitive skin, preventing frostbite and discomfort.
Can I heat the ice pack for warm therapy?No, this ice pack is designed specifically for cold therapy. Using it for warm therapy can damage the product.
What if the ice pack leaks or tears?The double-sealed edging helps prevent leaks. If you notice any damage, contact Comfytemp's customer support for assistance.

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