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Model Number: WHW0056

Finger Splint of Two-Finger

Color: Black
Size: One Size Fits
Material: Neoprene
Function: Protects All Types of Finger Injuries
Packing: Poly Bag or Custom
Application: Arthritis Pain Relief, Sport Injury


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01. Ergonomic Design

The AOFIT Finger Splint of Two-Finger boasts an ergonomic design that minimizes the impact on your movement. Whether you're recovering from arthritis, sprains, contusions, fractures, or ligament injuries, these finger splints provide maximum protection to the joints, preventing further injuries and promoting recovery. Designed to reduce the impact on movement and provide maximum protection to joints.


02. Moisture Wicking

Constructed with lightweight neoprene and polyurethane foam material, these finger splints feature moisture-wicking properties. The breathable material ensures the splint does not slide or bunch, keeping your fingers comfortable and dry. The lightweight and compact design allows you to wear them anywhere without feeling bulky. The splints wick moisture away, preventing discomfort and ensuring a comfortable fit.


03. Flexible Support & Compression

The finger sleeve offers gentle support and moderate pressure, relieving pain and stiffness in the finger joints. Suitable for various conditions, including arthritis, tendonitis, trigger fingers, and sports injuries, these finger sleeves provide flexible support and compression for enhanced comfort. Gentle support and pressure relieve arthritis pain and discomfort.


04. Eco-friendly

Made of eco-friendly fibers, these finger sleeves are durable, soft, and easily washable. They provide protection for jammed, swollen, sprained, or broken fingers. The flexibility of the material ensures ultimate comfort and the washable design allows for easy maintenance and extended use. Durable and soft material that is environmentally friendly.


05. All-Day Use

The finger splint allows unobstructed use of the remaining fingers, making it easier to complete daily tasks. Suitable for both the left and right hand, these splints relieve stiffness in the fingers. Whether used at night or during the day while typing, cooking, driving, resting, or sleeping, these finger splints are versatile for all-day use. Suitable for various daily activities, providing relief and comfort throughout the day.



We are a professional China manufacturer of sports protector products:


1) 200 skilled production personnel and 50 dedicated QC personnel


2) Achieve a daily production output of approximately 30,000 pieces


3) Equipped with 150 units of automated and fully automated equipment


4) 13 years of manufacturing and exporting experiences


5) Our factory holds various professional certifications and qualifications, including CE, FDA, ISO13485, TUV Rheinland, Amazon, SGS, and other patents


We have rich experience and an excellent team in the production of sports protection products. We are committed to providing each customer with higher quality products at the best price and provide customized services. We can design products according to the needs of customers. If you are looking for some sports protection products, check us out. We have a lot of very popular sports protective products. For example, knee brace, knee compression sleeves, compression leg sleeves, finger wraps, and more.


Can I wear these finger splints during sports activities?

Yes, these finger splints are suitable for sports activities as they offer flexible support and compression, making them ideal for various conditions and injuries.

How often should I wash the finger sleeves?

You can wash the finger sleeves as needed. Their eco-friendly and washable design ensures easy maintenance and extended use.

Can I wear the splint on both hands?

Yes, the finger splint is suitable for both the left and right hand, providing relief and flexibility for any affected finger.

Will the splint hinder my ability to perform daily tasks?

No, the finger splint allows unobstructed use of the remaining fingers, making it easier to complete daily tasks without hindrance.

How do these splints aid in arthritis relief?

The splints provide gentle support and compression, relieving arthritis pain and stiffness in the finger joints.

Can I wear these splints at night?

Yes, the finger splints are suitable for nighttime use, providing continuous support and relief.

Payment & Delivery


1. Inner

Single package size: 5 x 5 x 1 CM

Single gross weight:1.000 KG

Package Type: Poly Bag

2. CTN Size

Customized or Based on actual weight and volume. or as your requirement.



We offer three shipping options to our customers to suit their needs:

1. Express Shipping: This option is suitable for urgent time-sensitive deliveries and small-quantity orders. We ship our products via express shipping services such as China Post, EMS, DHL, FedEx, TNT, ARAMEX, and Air.

2. Sea Shipping: This option is suitable for regular mass production orders. We ensure that our products are securely packed to prevent any damage during transportation.

3. Air Shipping: This option is suitable for delivering goods from airport to airport.

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