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Model Number: HJ015

Fashion Mesh Arm Shoulder Sling


Pain ReliefProvides moderate support for injured arms and shoulders.Helps relieve pain and fatigue by stabilizing the wrist, arm, and shoulder following sprains, strains, and overuse injuries.
Breathable Mesh MaterialMade from mesh material that allows air to circulate freely.Keeps the arm cool and dry throughout the day, enhancing comfort during extended use.
Adjustable LengthFeatures adjustable straps to fit most adults.Ensures a customized fit, improving comfort and support for various body sizes and shapes.
Ergonomic DesignConforms to the shoulder with a unique ergonomic design.Provides unparalleled comfort by evenly distributing weight and reducing pressure points.
Universal FitSuitable for both left and right arms, and for both men and women.Versatile and easy to use, accommodating different users and injuries.


How do I adjust the length of the sling?Adjust the straps by loosening or tightening them until the sling fits comfortably around your shoulder and arm.
Can I wear the sling on either arm?Yes, the sling is designed for universal use and can be worn on either the left or right arm.
Is the mesh material suitable for sensitive skin?Yes, the breathable mesh material is gentle on the skin and helps prevent irritation and sweat buildup.
How long can I wear the sling each day?The sling can be worn throughout the day as needed for support and pain relief. However, consult your doctor for specific guidance.
Can the sling be used for post-surgery recovery?Yes, the sling provides excellent support for post-surgery recovery, helping to stabilize the arm and reduce pain.
What if the sling causes discomfort?Ensure the straps are properly adjusted and the sling is positioned correctly. If discomfort persists, consult with your doctor.

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