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Model Number: WYD0080

Waterproof Kinesiology Tape

Color: Customized Colors and Patterns
Size: One Size Fits
Material: 96% Cotton + 4% Spandex
Function: reduce muscle pain
Certificate: CE / ISO 13485
Usage: Sports Safty

Product Craftsmanship & Details

Waterproof Kinesiology TapeWaterproof Kinesiology Tape

Waterproof Kinesiology TapeWaterproof Kinesiology Tape

Key Features:

Waterproof Design: Our waterproof kinesiology tape is specially engineered to withstand exposure to water, sweat, and moisture without compromising its adhesive strength or performance. Whether you're swimming, showering, or exercising in the rain, this tape stays securely in place, providing continuous support and comfort.

High-Quality Materials: Made from premium elastic cotton fabric and medical-grade adhesive, our waterproof kinesiology tape offers superior durability, flexibility, and breathability. The latex-free material ensures maximum comfort and compatibility with sensitive skin, making it suitable for prolonged wear during sports and activities.

Enhanced Adhesive Strength: Equipped with a strong and reliable adhesive, our waterproof kinesiology tape adheres firmly to the skin, providing stable support and compression to muscles and joints. The adhesive is designed to withstand movement and friction, ensuring that the tape stays in place during vigorous activities and workouts.

Versatile Applications: Our waterproof kinesiology tape is suitable for a wide range of applications, including pain relief, muscle support, injury prevention, and rehabilitation. Whether you're recovering from an injury, managing chronic pain, or seeking to optimize performance, this tape offers customizable support to meet your specific needs.

Easy Application and Removal: With its user-friendly design, our waterproof kinesiology tape is easy to apply and remove without causing irritation or discomfort. The pre-cut strips and rounded edges facilitate quick and hassle-free application, while the gentle adhesive ensures painless removal without leaving residue or damaging the skin.

Customizable Support: Our waterproof kinesiology tape is available in a variety of colors and sizes, allowing you to customize your support based on your preferences and needs. Whether you prefer discreet neutral tones or vibrant colors that stand out, you can find the perfect tape to suit your style and performance goals.

Overall, our waterproof kinesiology tape combines advanced technology, high-quality materials, and versatile design to deliver reliable support and performance enhancement for athletes and individuals of all levels. Whether you're seeking pain relief, injury prevention, or improved athletic performance, this tape is your trusted companion for achieving your fitness and wellness goals with confidence.

Manufacturing Production Capacity

AOFIT takes immense pride in its robust manufacturing production capacity, which serves as a cornerstone of its commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. With a relentless focus on quality, innovation, and efficiency, AOFIT has established itself as a leading force in the fitness and sports equipment industry, capable of meeting the diverse needs and demands of a global market.

At the heart of AOFIT's manufacturing prowess lies a state-of-the-art production facility equipped with cutting-edge technology and machinery. This advanced infrastructure enables AOFIT to carry out every stage of the manufacturing process with precision and efficiency, from material sourcing to final product assembly. Automated systems and streamlined workflows ensure optimal utilization of resources and minimize wastage, contributing to both cost-effectiveness and sustainability.

A key strength of AOFIT's manufacturing production capacity lies in its versatility and adaptability. With the ability to produce a wide range of fitness and sports equipment, including wrist wraps, knee sleeves, compression garments, and more, AOFIT demonstrates flexibility in catering to the diverse needs and preferences of athletes and fitness enthusiasts worldwide. Whether it's customizing product specifications or accommodating large-scale orders, AOFIT's manufacturing capabilities are designed to meet the evolving demands of its discerning clientele.

Furthermore, AOFIT's manufacturing production capacity is characterized by a steadfast commitment to quality and reliability. Stringent quality control measures are implemented at every stage of the production process to ensure that each product meets the highest standards of performance, durability, and safety. From rigorous testing of raw materials to meticulous inspection of finished goods, AOFIT maintains strict adherence to industry regulations and standards, earning certifications such as CE and ISO 13485.

A testament to AOFIT's manufacturing excellence is its proven track record of delivering superior products to satisfied customers around the globe. Whether it's supplying professional athletes with performance-enhancing gear or supporting fitness enthusiasts on their wellness journeys, AOFIT consistently exceeds expectations with its reliable products and exceptional service.

Why Choose AOFIT

AOFIT is a leading China manufacturer of kinesiology tape and other sports and fitness products. With years of experience in the industry, they have developed a reputation for producing high-quality products that are both effective and affordable. Here are just a few reasons why you should choose AOFIT:

Wide range of products: In addition to Waterproof Kinesiology Tape, OEM/ODM AOFIT offers a wide range of other kinesiology tape products, as well as other sports and fitness products like compression sleeves and braces.

Customization options: OEM/ODM AOFIT offers custom branding options for their products, so you can promote your own brand or team.

Affordable pricing: Despite the high quality of their products, OEM/ODM AOFIT offers competitive pricing to ensure that their products are accessible to everyone.

Payment and Packaging

If you have any questions or concerns about our payment options or any other aspect of our products or services, please don't hesitate to contact us. We are always happy to assist you in any way we can.

1. Poly Bag and Customized Insert Card, Color Paper Box

2. Custom Logo is Accepted

3. Single Package Size: 5 x 5 x 5 CM

4. Single Gross Weight:0.200 KG

Contact the supplier to negotiate shipping details.

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