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Model Number: WHT0018

Customized Logo Sports Leg Protectors

Color: Customized Color Accept
Size: One Size Fits All
Material: EVA+PP
Function: Protection, Protection, Football Cushion
Feature: Adjustable Elasticity Breathable
Packaging Details: Opp Bag/Pc. Then 200pairs/Carton


Customized Logo Sports Leg Protectors

01. Premium Material for Ultimate Protection

The foundation of these soccer shin guards lies in their high-quality PP material with exceptional strength. The incorporation of EVA sponge inside adds an extra layer of protection, ensuring that players are shielded effectively during intense soccer games. The choice of materials reflects AOFIT's commitment to providing premium protection for players of all levels.


02. Strong EVA Backing Protection

Specially designed with player comfort in mind, the shin guard sleeves feature a strong EVA backing cushion. This addition not only enhances the overall comfort during wear but also provides exceptional protection when unforeseen injuries occur. AOFIT's commitment to player safety is evident in this thoughtful design.

03. Breathable & Lightweight Design

A key feature of these protective shin guards is their emphasis on breathability and lightweight construction. Aimed at providing a comfortable experience without compromising speed and agility, the guards incorporate special holes for enhanced breathability. The design ensures that players can focus on their game without feeling undue pressure on their legs.

04. Elastic Attributes

Flexibility is paramount in soccer gear, and these shin guards deliver on that front. The football shin guards are highly adjustable and elastic, allowing players to tailor the length and size based on their specific needs. Before making a selection, a detailed measurement of calf size ensures a personalized and comfortable fit.


What is the primary material used in these shin guards?

These shin guards are made of high-quality PP material, ensuring strength and durability.


Do these shin guards have EVA padding for added comfort?

Yes, the shin guard sleeves are designed with EVA backing cushion for a comfortable experience and additional protection.


Can I adjust the size of these shin guards?

Absolutely, these football shin guards are adjustable and elastic, allowing players to customize the length and size based on their needs.


Are these shin guards suitable for running and high-speed activities?

Yes, the lightweight and breathable design ensures that these shin guards do not hinder running or speed during soccer games.


How should I choose the right size for these shin guards?

Before choosing, it is recommended to have a detailed measurement of your calves size to ensure the perfect fit on the field.

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Customized Logo Sports Leg ProtectorsCustomized Logo Sports Leg Protectors

Customized Logo Sports Leg Protectors

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