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Model Number: WHT0031

OEM Compression Calf Sleeves

Color: Black, Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Black, or OEM Colors
Size: M-XL
Material: Spandex & Nylon
Thickness: Thick
Protection Class: Comprehensive Protection
Usage: Daily Life + Sports
OEM&ODM: Available



01. Enhanced Blood Circulation and Increased Skin Temperature

The compression technology in AOFIT's sleeves works by promoting improved venous return, facilitating increased blood flow and circulation. Simultaneously, the sleeves contribute to an elevated skin temperature, ensuring that calf muscles remain warm and ready for action.

02. Reduced Muscle Oscillation and Vibration

During ground contact, the Compression Calf Sleeves act as a stabilizing force, reducing the oscillation and vibration experienced by muscles. This not only provides stability but also prevents micro-trauma and conditions like shin splints, contributing to a faster recovery.

03. Targeted Support and Increased Muscle Efficiency

The 3D ribbing in the sleeves offers targeted support to calf muscles, enhancing their efficiency during various physical activities. This targeted support ensures that muscles function optimally, contributing to improved overall performance.

04. Alleviation of Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS)

In the days following strenuous exercise, athletes often face delayed onset muscle soreness. AOFIT's sleeves alleviate swelling and inflammation, providing relief from calf and shin pain associated with DOMS.

05.Targeted Support with 3D Ribbing

The Compression Calf Sleeves feature muscle-mapped 3D ribbing, offering optimal support to calf muscles. This targeted support enhances overall muscle efficiency during physical activities.

About This Brace

AOFIT's OEM Soccer Shin Guards boast a protective design that ensures players can confidently tackle challenges on the field. The incorporation of flexibility and comfort elements allows for unhindered movement, essential for peak athletic performance. The shin guards prioritize not just safety but also the comfort that players need during intense gameplay. One of the standout features of AOFIT's OEM shin guards is the customization options available. Recognizing that different players have unique needs, AOFIT provides the flexibility to tailor shin guards according to specific requirements. From design preferences to size variations, the OEM approach ensures that players get gear that aligns perfectly with their playing style.


AOFIT's OEM Soccer Shin Guards Pads emerge as a winning solution for both players and sports equipment suppliers. The customizable design, focus on quality, and versatility make them a standout choice in the realm of soccer gear. AOFIT encourages collaboration to elevate player safety, performance, and the offerings of sports equipment suppliers. Invest in the excellence of AOFIT's OEM Soccer Shin Guards for a game-changing experience on the field.


Quality, Customization, and Reliability

Choosing AOFIT as an OEM supplier for soccer shin guards comes with distinct advantages. The OEM approach ensures that the shin guards meet the highest standards of quality, catering to the specific needs of players and sports equipment suppliers alike. Customization options provide a competitive edge, allowing sports equipment suppliers to offer unique and tailored solutions to their clients. Reliability is a hallmark of AOFIT's OEM shin guards, fostering trust among players and suppliers.

Suitability for Various Activities

AOFIT's OEM Soccer Shin Guards are not limited to soccer alone. Their versatile design makes them suitable for various sports and activities. Whether it's football, rugby, basketball, or other leg-intensive exercises, the OEM shin guards cater to the diverse needs of athletes across different disciplines. This adaptability makes them a valuable addition to the gear arsenal of athletes engaged in various sports.

How to Partner with AOFIT as an OEM Supplier

Sports equipment suppliers looking to collaborate with AOFIT for OEM soccer shin guards can initiate the process by reaching out to the company. AOFIT welcomes inquiries and collaborations, offering a seamless and efficient partnership experience. For more information and partnership inquiries, interested parties can contact AOFIT through the provided contact details.

Quality Assurance and Certifications

AOFIT places a strong emphasis on quality assurance and adherence to industry standards. The OEM Soccer Shin Guards undergo rigorous testing to ensure their reliability and safety. AOFIT holds certifications that validate the quality and performance of their products, instilling confidence in both players and sports equipment suppliers.

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Custom Sports Knee GuardCustom Sports Knee Guard

Custom Sports Knee GuardCustom Sports Knee Guard

Custom Sports Knee GuardCustom Sports Knee Guard

Custom Sports Knee GuardCustom Sports Knee Guard


Can AOFIT's Compression Calf Sleeves be worn during all types of workouts? 

Absolutely. AOFIT's Compression Calf Sleeves are versatile and suitable for various workouts, including running, weightlifting, and high-intensity training.

How do the sleeves contribute to faster muscle recovery? 

The compression technology in the sleeves improves venous return, increasing blood flow and circulation. This, in turn, aids in the removal of blood lactate, expediting the muscle recovery process.

Are the sleeves effective in preventing conditions like shin splints? 

Yes, AOFIT's Compression Calf Sleeves provide stability to the muscles, reducing muscle oscillation and vibration, which helps prevent conditions like shin splints.

Can these sleeves be used to alleviate muscle soreness after intense workouts? 

Absolutely. The sleeves contribute to the reduction of delayed onset muscle soreness by alleviating swelling, inflammation, and calf and shin pain after strenuous exercise.

How does the 3D ribbing in the sleeves provide targeted support to calf muscles?

The muscle-mapped 3D ribbing in the sleeves is designed to offer optimal support to calf muscles, enhancing their efficiency during physical activities and contributing to overall improved muscle performance.

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