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Model Number: B049

Adjustable Full Back Support


Better Posture SupportProvides support around the lumbar region without restraining the armpits.Improves posture by offering comfortable support, reducing slouching and alignment issues.
Easy to Wear and AdjustableExtremely easy to wear with adjustable straps.Ensures a customizable fit for all body types, enhancing comfort and effectiveness.
Breathable Mesh MaterialMade from breathable, easy-to-clean mesh material.Keeps the back cool and dry, preventing discomfort from sweat and heat.
2-in-1 Support and CorrectorFeatures 2 flexible ABS support bars.Straightens the back, relieving pain in the shoulders and waist by reducing pressure on key areas.
Amazing Health BenefitsIncludes 4 sealed, non-removable fiber rod support rods.Helps correct humpback or scoliosis, and relieves pain in the shoulder, neck, and waist by taking pressure off critical areas.


How do I adjust the straps for the best fit?Loosen or tighten the straps until the corrector fits snugly around your back and shoulders without causing discomfort.
Can I wear the corrector under clothing?Yes, the lightweight and discreet design allows it to be worn comfortably under most clothing.
Is the material suitable for sensitive skin?Yes, the breathable mesh material is gentle on the skin and helps prevent irritation and moisture buildup.
How long can I wear the corrector each day?The corrector can be worn throughout the day as needed for support and pain relief. However, consult your doctor for specific guidance based on your condition.
Will the corrector help with scoliosis?Yes, the corrector is designed to help straighten the back and relieve pain associated with scoliosis and other alignment issues.
What if the corrector causes discomfort?Ensure the straps are properly adjusted and the corrector is positioned correctly. If discomfort persists, consult with your doctor.

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