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Model Number: Y229

Breathable Back Support Brace

Color: Gray
Size: M-XL
Material: Nylon + Polyester + Spandex
Style: Breathable Treatment
Logo: Customization


01. Four detachable steel plates for targeted lumbar support

One of the standout features is the inclusion of four detachable steel plates, offering targeted lumbar support. These plates can be adjusted based on individual needs, providing customizable reinforcement for specific areas of the lower back. The detachable design ensures flexibility in use.

02. Elastic contouring for a personalized fit 

The Breathable Back Support Brace features elastic contouring that adapts to the body's natural curves. This personalized fit ensures that the brace conforms to different body shapes, offering a snug and supportive experience. Whether you have a slender or athletic build, the brace caters to your unique contours.

03. Dual-pressure coverage: 360-degree lumbar care 

The dual-pressure coverage of the Back Support Brace is a testament to its comprehensive lumbar care. The brace exerts pressure from all angles, ensuring 360-degree support to the lumbar region. This innovative design contributes to overall spinal wellness and is particularly beneficial for those dealing with back issues.

04. Ideal for those who sit for prolonged periods or face back issues 

Designed with the needs of desk-bound individuals and those with back problems in mind, the Breathable Back Support Brace is an ideal companion for anyone who sits for extended periods. Whether you're working at a desk or experiencing back pain, this brace provides the necessary support for improved comfort.

05. Ultra-thin with powerful reinforcement

The Back Support Brace redefines lumbar support with its featherlight design. Despite being ultra-thin, it boasts powerful reinforcement to ensure effective lumbar care. The brace's slim profile makes it discreet and comfortable for daily wear, while the robust materials provide reliable support.


Can the Breathable Back Support Brace be worn discreetly under clothing?

Yes, the Breathable Back Support is designed with a slim profile, allowing it to be worn discreetly under clothing. Whether you're at work, running errands, or engaging in physical activities, the brace remains inconspicuous while providing essential lumbar support.

How does the elastic contouring adapt to different body shapes?

The elastic contouring of the Breathable Back Support Brace is designed to adapt seamlessly to various body shapes. This feature ensures a personalized and snug fit for individuals with different builds, enhancing the overall comfort and effectiveness of the brace.


Are the steel plates adjustable for personalized support?

Absolutely. The four detachable steel plates in the Back Support are adjustable, allowing users to customize the level of support based on their specific requirements. This adaptability ensures that individuals can target lumbar care where they need it the most.

Is the brace suitable for sports recovery after intense workouts?

Yes, the Breathable Back Support Brace is versatile and suitable for sports recovery. Its dual-pressure coverage and customizable support make it an ideal choice for individuals looking to recover from intense workouts. The brace provides the necessary stability and support for post-exercise care.

How breathable is the fabric of the AOFIT Back Support Brace?

The fabric of the Back Support is carefully chosen for its breathability. The materials allow air circulation, preventing discomfort associated with trapped heat. Users can enjoy extended wear without feeling overheated, making it suitable for various activities.

Where can individuals purchase the authentic Breathable Back Support Brace?

To ensure authenticity and quality, it is recommended to purchase the Back Support directly from their official website or authorized retailers. This guarantees genuine products with all the promised features.

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