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Model Number: HH024

Metatarsal Pads for Men and Women

Size: One Size (Custom Sizes Available)
Color: Black
Material: Nylon, SBR


Comfortable and Pain-Free CorrectionDesigned to provide comfortable, pain-free correction, protecting foot health.
Soft, Skin-Friendly FabricMade from soft, comfortable materials that are gentle on the skin.
Rehabilitation SupportFeatures a supportive brace to aid in rehabilitation and maintain proper alignment.
Secure Velcro FasteningStrong Velcro fasteners ensure the corrector stays in place without losing shape.
Toe Strap for Comfortable WearEquipped with a comfortable toe strap for secure and easy wear.
Multi-Level Wraparound FixationProvides multi-level wraparound fixation for enhanced support and stability.
Supportive Brace for Toe AlignmentIncludes a supportive brace to help maintain proper toe alignment during use.


What is the AOFIT Bunion Corrector (HH024) used for?The corrector is used for bunion correction, providing gentle and effective support to alleviate pain and discomfort.
Can I customize the size of the corrector?Yes, custom sizes are available to fit individual needs.
Is the corrector suitable for all-day wear?Yes, the corrector is designed to be comfortable enough for extended wear throughout the day.
What materials is the corrector made of?The corrector is made of durable nylon and SBR, ensuring long-lasting comfort and support.
How do I wear the corrector?The corrector features adjustable straps and strong Velcro for easy application and a secure fit.

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