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Model Number: WFZ0044

High Elastic Yoga Pants Leggings

Color: Purple, Black, Pink, Blue
Size: S/ M/ L/ XL/ 2XL
Material: Spandex / Polyester
Occasion: Outdoor Indoor Sportswear
Function: Sweat Absorbent, Moisture Wicking
Design: High Waistline Butt Lifting
Application:Yoga, Running, Fitness, Gym, Athletic, Workout, Exercise

Product Craftsmanship & Details

A testament to precision and dedication, our high-elastic yoga pants redefine the standards of activewear craftsmanship. Meticulously crafted from a blend of premium-quality spandex and polyester, these yoga pants embody the perfect fusion of comfort, durability, and performance. Each stitch, seam, and detail is thoughtfully designed to enhance your yoga practice and elevate your overall experience.

Material Excellence:

At the heart of our high-elastic yoga pants lies a carefully curated blend of Spandex and Polyester. This dynamic duo combines the stretch and flexibility of spandex with the durability and moisture-wicking properties of polyester, ensuring unparalleled comfort and performance during your yoga sessions. The breathable fabric allows for optimal airflow, keeping you cool and comfortable even during the most intense workouts.

Innovative Design Features:

Our high-elastic yoga pants boast a high waistline design, strategically engineered to provide maximum coverage and support while accentuating your natural curves. The butt-lifting feature enhances your silhouette, giving you a sculpted, toned appearance that boosts your confidence on and off the mat. Whether you're striking a pose in downward dog or flowing through a sun salutation, our yoga pants offer unparalleled comfort and support for every movement.

Functional Excellence:

Designed with the modern yogi in mind, our high-elastic yoga pants are equipped with advanced sweat-absorbent and moisture-wicking properties. Say goodbye to discomfort and distractions as you flow through your practice; our yoga pants keep you dry and comfortable, allowing you to focus on your breath and movement with unwavering concentration. From outdoor adventures to indoor studio sessions, our yoga pants are the perfect companion for all your athletic pursuits.

Versatile Application:

Whether you're practicing yoga, running, hitting the gym, or engaging in any other form of physical activity, our high-elastic yoga pants are designed to meet your every need. With their versatile design and superior functionality, these pants seamlessly transition from the yoga studio to the running track, ensuring that you look and feel your best no matter where your fitness journey takes you.

Manufacturing Production Capacity

 At AOFIT, we believe in the power of collaboration and partnership to drive innovation and success in the realm of activewear manufacturing. Whether you're a brand seeking to offer premium yoga leggings to your customers or a business in search of a reliable manufacturing partner, we are dedicated to supporting you every step of the way. With our state-of-the-art production facilities and unwavering commitment to quality and customization, AOFIT stands as a trusted leader in the manufacturing of high-quality yoga leggings.

Our manufacturing production capacity is unrivaled, thanks to our advanced machinery and skilled workforce. Equipped with cutting-edge technology, our production facilities have the capability to meet the demands of brands and businesses seeking bulk orders of premium yoga leggings. From design conception to final production, our streamlined processes ensure efficient manufacturing and timely delivery of orders, allowing our partners to meet their customers' needs with ease.

Moreover, as a dedicated manufacturer of yoga leggings, we are committed to offering comfortable, stylish, and performance-enhancing activewear for all yoga enthusiasts. Our extensive experience and expertise in activewear design and production enable us to create leggings that not only look great but also perform exceptionally well during yoga practice and other physical activities.

Quality control is paramount in our manufacturing process, and we prioritize stringent measures to ensure that every pair of yoga leggings meets the highest standards of comfort, durability, and performance. From selecting premium materials to conducting rigorous testing at every stage of production, we leave no stone unturned in our quest for excellence. Our dedication to quality assurance not only ensures the satisfaction of our partners and their customers but also strengthens our reputation as a reliable and trustworthy manufacturer in the industry.


1. Are yoga leggings suitable for other physical activities besides yoga?

Absolutely! While yoga leggings are designed with yoga practice in mind, they are versatile enough to be used for various physical activities, such as pilates, running, gym workouts, and everyday wear. Their flexibility and comfort make them a popular choice for active individuals.


2. Do yoga leggings come in different lengths and styles?

Yes, at AOFIT, we offer a wide range of yoga leggings, including full-length, 7/8-length, and Capri styles. We also provide various designs, such as high-waisted, mid-rise, and compression leggings, catering to different preferences and body types.


3. Can I add my brand logo to the yoga leggings?

Certainly! We offer customization options, including adding your brand logo to the leggings. Personalizing the leggings with your logo helps create a strong brand identity and enhances brand recognition.

Payment & Delivery

1. Payment:

①Paypal , T/T, L/C, Security Payment, etc.

②We offer various payment options to ensure our customers can easily and securely make their purchases.

2. Delivery Details:

①For smaller orders, we offer delivery via DHL, UPS, FedEx, TNT, and so on.

②For larger orders, we offer delivery by air or sea.

③Our experienced logistics team ensures your order is packaged and shipped with care to minimize the risk of damage during transit.

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