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Waist Trimmer Belt

Do you have back pain or waist pain problems?

1. Sitting all day without stretch, muscle-bound, could lead to pain.

2. Sprain articular ligament, pulled muscle, and contusion of soft tissue. could lead to pain.

3. Wrong posture sitting or lying could lead to pain.

How to improve the situation? A waist trimmer could be your helper.

1. Multi-directional guard, stabilize and support the back muscles.

Daily wear to give stable support to the waist, effectively avoid sitting for a long time damage to the lumbar spine.

2. Stabilize the lumbar spine and improve posture.

Correct sitting posture can reduce the burden of the lumbar spine and shape a straight posture.

3. Sports safety, comprehensive protection guide.

Correct power to prevent injury caused by bad posture.

Waist Trimmer Belt

Our protectors can provide you with a comfortable experience while providing safety protection!

1. Conforms and supports the lower back, promoting muscle relaxation and proper alignment of the back, and increases the flexibility of the stomach and back muscles by keeping them warm.

2. Provides intra-abdominal support to help support the spine and take the weight off the lower back.

3. Breathable nylon mesh wrap with adjustable hook and loop front closure holds the belt in place as well as rubber tracking on the outside of the first and fifth stay.

4. Lightweight: sleek, stylish, low profile. Wear on top of or under clothing. Designed for industrial and/or personal usage; any profession and task where proper.

5. Ideal for mild low back pain, strains, or sprains, beneficial when used in conjunction with a rehabilitation program.

Waist Trimmer Belt