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AOFIT Concludes Successful Participation at the Digital Intelligence Event

Released on May. 17, 2024

We are excited to share the highlights and outcomes of AOFIT’s recent participation in the "Digital Intelligence Wave, Boundless Cross-Border" event. This prestigious gathering, organized by Alibaba International's Northern Region, focused on core merchants and the latest advancements in digital intelligence marketing, and took place from May 15-17, 2024, at the Beijing Conference Center, Alibaba Beijing Headquarters.

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The event, under the theme “Digital Intelligence Wave, Boundless Cross-Border,” explored the transformative impact of AI and digital technologies on international trade and cross-border e-commerce. It brought together industry leaders to discuss strategies for driving efficiency and profitability through advanced AI products.

Why AOFIT Was Invited

Over the past five years, AOFIT has rapidly transformed from a traditional brace and support manufacturer into a digitalized, intelligent one-stop solution provider for global clients. This remarkable transition has been driven by the implementation of advanced digital technologies and smart warehousing solutions. AOFIT's success in digital transformation and its innovative approach to serving global customers have earned widespread acclaim, making it a key participant at this prestigious event.

Ms. Wendy’s Contribution

Ms. Wendy Li, as the CEO and founder of AOFIT, played a pivotal role in the event, bringing her expertise in the health and wellness industry to the forefront. Her participation highlighted AOFIT’s commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technology to enhance product innovation and customer satisfaction.

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Key Discussion Points

AI-Driven Innovations: Ms.Wendy Li delved into how AI and smart technology can reduce operational complexities and improve product efficacy.

Service Excellence: She highlighted AOFIT’s dedication to exceptional customer service, including personalized and customized solutions for global clients.

Global Trade Dynamics: Ms.Wendy examined the role of digital platforms in enhancing trade efficiency and securing buyer confidence in international markets.

Ms. Wendy’s Speech

Ms.Wendy was a featured speaker at the event, where she shared AOFIT's impressive journey from a traditional brace and support manufacturer to a digitally transformed, intelligent one-stop solution provider for global clients. She emphasized how AOFIT has utilized AI-driven innovation to enhance its cross-border business efficiency. Ms.Wendy's keynote highlighted three critical areas:

The Future of the Brace and Support Industry: Providing insights into emerging trends and how AOFIT is at the forefront of innovation.

Digital Transformation: Discussing the impact of digital intelligence on business operations and customer engagement.

Global Market Expansion: Sharing strategies for leveraging AI and digital tools to enhance market reach and competitiveness.

Impact and Outcomes

Ms. Wendy Li’s speech and engagement at the event received enthusiastic responses, and her insights were highly valued by the attendees. The event fostered significant discussions on how digital intelligence can drive the next phase of growth in international trade. Key outcomes included:

Strengthened Partnerships: Establishing new connections with industry leaders and exploring collaborative opportunities.

Enhanced Visibility: Raising AOFIT’s profile in the global market as a leader in health and wellness products.

Strategic Insights: Gaining valuable feedback and insights that will inform AOFIT’s future strategies and innovations.

AOFIT's Smart Warehousing and Digital Transformation

Over the past five years, AOFIT has undergone a significant digital transformation, particularly in its warehousing and manufacturing operations. In the last three years, AOFIT has upgraded its facilities to feature smart warehousing and fully digitalized factories. By introducing automated machinery and advanced digital tools, AOFIT has optimized its OEM and ODM services, ensuring better preparation and fulfillment for global clients.

The implementation of smart warehousing technologies has allowed AOFIT to improve inventory management, enhance production efficiency, and provide more accurate and timely deliveries. This transformation has been instrumental in maintaining AOFIT's competitive edge in the global brace and support industry.


The successful participation in Alibaba's digital marketing event underscores AOFIT's dedication to staying at the forefront of the brace and support industry. By embracing digital transformation and AI-driven solutions, AOFIT is well-positioned to meet the evolving needs of its global partners.