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AOFIT's Successful Journey at the Canton Fair 2024

Released on May. 07, 2024


As the 135th Canton Fair concluded in Guangzhou, it marked a milestone in showcasing the dynamism of "Made in China" products, with a record attendance of 246,000 overseas buyers from 215 countries and regions. Amid this bustling international backdrop, AOFIT's participation stood out for its focus on cutting-edge manufacturing processes that are setting new standards in the orthopedic supports industry.


Strategic Business Empowerment

The ongoing enhancements and innovations presented by AOFIT at the Canton Fair are a direct response to the dynamic changes observed in international trade due to China's improved manufacturing and digital advancements. These developments reflect a new trend in foreign trade, emphasizing China's vital role in shaping global market dynamics. For AOFIT, this is an opportunity to solidify its brand among B2B clients and distributors, offering them products that meet global demands for quality and innovation.


The Buzz on the Floor

From the first day, AOFIT’s booth was buzzing with activity. The design of the booth itself was inviting, with clear displays and accessible areas where visitors could try on the braces. Interactive demonstrations allowed visitors to see and feel the benefits of the products in real-time, which not only drew interest but also fostered trust in the brand. 


Deep-Dive Consultations Enhance Customer Experience

Many visitors at the Canton Fair were particularly interested in how AOFIT's OEM and ODM services could be utilized to create products that stand out in the market while being cost-effective. These discussions often turned into in-depth consultations, where AOFIT’s team demonstrated their capability to support diverse market needs, from design conceptualization to mass production.


Global Professional One-Stop Solution Supplier

AOFIT's presence at the Canton Fair solidified its reputation as a global professional one-stop solution supplier. This identity is crucial as it highlights the company's comprehensive approach to providing support and brace solutions. By integrating feedback from such international events into product development and customer service strategies, AOFIT continues to refine its offerings.

Testimonials and Feedback

Many visitors left positive feedback, noting how the trial sessions helped them understand the potential impact of using the right support products. Such testimonials are invaluable and serve as a testament to the effectiveness of AOFIT's approach.


Advanced Techniques at AOFIT's Booth

AOFIT's presence at the fair was highlighted by its innovative approach to manufacturing orthopedic braces and supports. The company showcased its latest advancements in welding (heat pressing) technologies, which are revolutionizing the production of orthopedic supports by offering numerous advantages:


Seamless Aesthetics: The use of welding technology allows for the creation of products with clean, seamless appearances, eliminating any discomfort from bulky seams.


Enhanced Durability and Safety: Welding creates tight, secure connections in materials, significantly enhancing the durability and overall safety of the products.


Material and Cost Efficiency: These advanced techniques reduce material waste and production costs, making the manufacturing process more efficient and environmentally friendly.


Specialized Material Use: The technologies facilitate the integration of special materials like waterproof fabrics, broadening the functional range of products.



The 135th Canton Fair served as a platform for AOFIT to demonstrate its leadership in orthopedic solutions, aligning with the fair's theme of showcasing the vitality of "Made in China" to the world. By continuously advancing its product line and embracing new manufacturing and digital technologies, AOFIT is not just keeping pace with global trade trends but is actively defining them, offering substantial value to its B2B partners and reinforcing its position as a top-tier provider in the global healthcare market.




Q1: What new products did AOFIT launch at the 135th Canton Fair?

A1: AOFIT introduced 22 innovative orthopedic braces and supports at the 135th Canton Fair. These products feature advanced materials and enhanced design techniques, tailored specifically to meet the needs of B2B customers and distributors in the global healthcare market.


Q2: How are AOFIT's new products different from previous offerings?

A2: The newly launched products by AOFIT incorporate cutting-edge manufacturing processes and digital technologies. These advancements have led to improvements in the durability, comfort, and efficacy of the braces, setting new standards in the orthopedic care industry.


Q3: What role does digital technology play in AOFIT's product development?

A3: Digital technology at AOFIT plays a crucial role in both the design and manufacturing processes. It allows for greater precision, customization, and scalability in the production of orthopedic supports, ensuring high-quality products that meet international standards.


Q4: How does AOFIT support its B2B clients and distributors?

A4: AOFIT provides comprehensive support to its B2B clients and distributors through extensive product training, robust marketing materials, and detailed technical documentation. This support helps partners effectively market and sell AOFIT products, enhancing their capacity to meet diverse customer needs.